Dr. Kimm and G.M. Serio present Hanmudo book to G.M. Liang Yiquan, founder of the Shaolin EPO Wushu College where we were treated to a demonstration by the Shaolin Kung Fu demo team.

These young men have performed all over the world.  They were fantastic.  This picture is on the school's demonstration stage which has as it's background the old Shaolin Temple.

This is a demonstration of concentration.  These spears were sharp too.

This is another demonstration of concentration.  just one spear this time and it is in a very soft spot as well.  These young people come here at 5 and 6 years old and live on campus until they graduate from high school at the age of 18.  They train in Kung fu everyday as well as study general class work.

Somersaults using only his head, no hands.

Flexibility to say the least.  He's only 6 years old.

This was a straight wooden spear shaft, the point of which he placed in his throat and then he walked forward until the shaft bent as you see it here.  Concentration.

Flexibility plus.  These kids were made out of rubber.

They really know how to strike a pose for the camera.  The show was unbelievable.

Dr. Kimm poses for pictures with "Mr. Flexibility."

Master Wickersham poses for pictures with some of the performers.  After the performance we were taken to one of their training rooms and taught a Kung Fu form by two of the instructors at the school.  We had a great workout and learned a lot.