This page last modified on Tuesday, May 06, 2010

Dr. He-Young Kimm, the founder of Han Mu Do, speaking at the 13th Annual He-Young Kimm Cup Tournament.

To the right is Dr. He-Young Kimm signing one of his books for young students.

Group picture of all the competitors attending this year's tournament.

First and second place winners, Shanu Moorthy and Ross Brundege, respectively.

Tara Broome preforming in the "forms" competition.

First and second place winners, Chandler Ray and Tara Broome, respectively.

Collin Packer, green belt student, on the mat ready for "forms" competition.

Keith Packer in forms competition. Yes, they are a father and son team!

Collin Packer in forms competition.

Heath Brundege receiving the SPENCER TROPHY from Master Wickersham.