Terry Nicholas was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on October 6, 1954.  Upon graduation from high school  he attended the University of Mississippi where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.  He and Emily Frances Rollins were married on November 17, 1979.  In 1980 he started Nicholas Equipment in partnership with his brother, Mark.  He sold the equipment business in 1999 and joined Warehouse Services, Inc., a family owned business, where he works today.  Terry and Emily have been blessed with three daughters, Katie, Audra and Molly.  Audra and Molly trained at Sunbi for many years.  Katie and her new husband Chas are green belts at the school now.

Mister Nicholas started training in martial arts in July, 1994, because, at 40 years of age, he felt he needed an activity that would not only keep him in shape but could possibly save his life one day.   He looked up an old friend, Jimmy Busby, who was still training in martial arts.  Master Instructor Busby invited him to try a class and he has been training regularly ever since.  He accompanied Master Wickersham and Grand Master He-Young Kimm on a training trip to South Korea and China in 1999 where they trained with some of the oldest and most revered Grandmasters in the world.  He now holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Hanmudo, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and is a highly valued instructor at our school.